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Dignity comes from celebrating who you are and taking your rightful place in the world. CRF- First Choice, Inc., values the unique differences within people, and is dedicated to assisting individuals to live life to its fullest and to reach the optimum goal of independence.

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"When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in life, or in the life of another."

Helen Keller

CRF First Choice is a resource for disabled persons to be able to help themselves lead a better and more fulfilling life. When we take an individual into our care, we hope to integrate them into their community and encourage them to engage with the other members of the community. With behavioral and vocational therapies, group living opportunities, and respite care available to our clients everyday, we are able to help them expand their horizons and build lasting relationships with the people in their life.

CRF First Choice is here to help disabled individuals build lasting relationships with those around them, enhance their skills to their highest developmental level, and gain and maintain employment to support themselves. We can provide living arrangements, transportation, and anything an individual might need to improve the living situation they are in. We work to bring a positive, family-centered force into the lives of the individuals we work with in the hopes that we can lead them to their best possible life.

We value individuality and when creating care plans for our clients to ensure that they do not feel invalidated in any way as some disabled individuals feel when trying to reach out to the resource in their community. We strive to design our care plans around each individual and hoe that they can offer us helpful incite into their thoughts and feelings on their care. With this, we also wish to help those in our care to feel confident enough to make their own decisions about their life where they could not before- this could be in small, everyday choices to major life decisions depending on each client we work with.